Those Eyes!

An attempt at writing a peom.. forgive the absence of meter..

My first day in ‘my’ personal heaven
With fear and joy my heart had me taken
To that sanctuary of ultimate delight
For which my heart was taking a flight

I walked in the first corridor
Looking from door to door
Finally I found the entrance beautiful
With a proud heart I entered, dutiful

In that room, I tore
Tore the normal clothes I wore
Then donned those fabulous green clothes
With goose flesh my skin had to froth

Then I entered t sanctum-sanctorum
it was really a life saving forum
With the mask and head gear
I entered, my heart fluttering like a mare

There lay on a table long
A sick person hiding his wrong
And then entered the masked gods
With their magical instruments and rods

They started their magic on the sick
First they made an incisional prick
There was blood and more blood
With saline the magicians’ assistant did flood

Then entered those pretty eyes
Came to me, talked and made ties
Those brown beautiful eyes were all I could see
But they were as breathtaking as the wide sea

The eyes looked at the bloody bowl
The blood took it toll
There was sweat over the forehead
Dizziness those eyes bred

They went away to take some rest
Until then, my eyes on the surgery fed
Then they returned and gazed far
I gazed at those brown eyes thro’ the OT door

Maybe my eyes fell in love
My heart fluttering like a dove
Maybe it really was love or not
But it causes me pain which ought not

My eyes kept looking at that person
My body on me, wreaked its treason
However, the appendectomy I ditched
‘Cause by those eyes I was bewitched!


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