The day had traveled from a blistering afternoon to a sepia twilight. The western sky was red, with orange clouds of various sizes and shapes. While the sun was saying goodbye to the western hemisphere, he saw her sitting in the park and admiring the sunset. He felt a shiver going down his spine as he thought of the things he wanted to do to her. He was standing behind a tree. clad in a black overcoat. The collars were high up to hide his face. His hair was coal black and finely gelled and well set except for a lock of hair which constantly fell on his eyes. His skin was such a contrast to his hair. It was pale, nay, ashen! It was hard to say whether he really was pale or was it fear of getting caught. But, right now, he was a ghostly white. His eyes looked intently at her. They were a fiery shade of grey. Intense. he blinked only few times. His right hand was on the tree and the left held a black hat. It was all very picturesque of course!

He saw that she was wearing a beautiful floral skirt. It was beige and had lilies on them. Oh, how he hated lilies! She had a slender demeanor to her. He liked that in a woman. His mouth salivated instinctively at the thought. She also had a clear skin, twinkling eyes and a dimple on one side. He knew her body, her geography too well. He thought how he had spent days getting over how ‘full’ her body looked and yet how slender. He was clearly obsessed. He was obsessing and that’s when she got up to leave.

She walked gaily across the park and out. As if breaking away from the perfect picture, a perfect statue, he started to follow her. He looked at her from top to bottom and marveled at her build. She turned a corner onto a dark alley. He smiled and thought ‘how foolish’, put his hat on, low, almost covering his eyes, and entered into the alley.

He saw her body tense suddenly and he grunted his exasperation, his satisfaction at the reaction. He ran his tongue over his lips and felt the familiar chill creep in. He tasted the tension, the fear in the air and smacked his lips in anticipation. He then saw her tiptoeing as afast as she could and probably cursing those wretched heels. He imagined her heart beating fast and derived great pleasure out of that thought. He hurried toward her and now was only a ten paces away. He walked faster, went close to her and ran his cold finger on her half covered spine. Half covered by clothes. Half, naked. Vulnerable.. She cried out in fear. It was useless. There wasn’t going to be anybody in this alley at this time.


But surprisingly he went ahead of her. Looked back slightly. All she could see were his cold, grey eyes, his pale skin and a wicked smile. He saw her pupils dilate, eclipsing the emerald of her eyes and her red, full lips part in fear to suck in the elixir of life, to suck in a little air. It looked like somebody had kicked her in the stomach and deprived her of air.

He then hurried and left the alley. she came dashing, out. her eyes were searching for him but couldn’t find him. she moved to her right and then left on the street. Emboldened by the people on the street and the lights, but there was no trace of him.

He was looking at all this from behind a car. His face devoid of expression. Then animatedly he smiled. He thought of how she will not be able to sleep well at night. How she will flinch to turn in to a street, lit a wee bit dimmer than usual. How she will step back at the sight of a black overcoat. How she will never fall in love with a man with grey eyes. How she will never kiss, never touch skin that pale. He felt desire course through his body like wild fire but he controlled it.

For him, her turning back repeatedly and checking for a pale man in a dark coat for the rest of her life, her fear, her damaged soul, was enough. For him, that was the definition of pleasure.

With a smile on his face, his face turning a shade darker, he turned and left. But he left fear. He left an embodiment of Pure Fear!




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