Yin and Yang.

So much chaos, so much confusion
Where’s the calm? It’s all an illusion
The burning hatred, and all the lust
Too much spent on emotion

In a room full of madness
I seem so lost, so often
Searching desperately for sanity
Weeping incessantly for the loss

Oh no, the tears shed
Oh no, the emotions felt
And all the anguish, all the pain
All the despair, loss, the hatred

Yet with these chocolate brown eyes
With tears still staining the lashes
With the pain still being felt
I look to you and I feel calm

For every piece of soul lost
From you, I receive a lot
For every second of hurt felt
From you, a ray of happiness comes

For every breath I take
Comes gratitude for yours
For every smile that lights this face
Comes for you devotion strong

For all the madness I have
There is that calm smile of yours
For all the stinging I feel
Oh, there you are mending my soul

The crazy mess that I am
The pure, serene bliss that you are
We fit like fingers entwined
Never let go, never ever let go.


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